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143 Best Choices Quotes For Success

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If you are looking for an incredible selection of choices quotes you’re in the right place.

Our day to day choices define who we will become in the future.

If we make the right choices today, we will be able to live the life we desire tomorrow.

Make the wrong choices and our destination will not be where we want to go.

This collection of choices quotes will help you to make the right choices so you can be successful.

Share these quotes about choices with your friends, family, and loved ones.

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Right, let’s jump into this list of choices quotes.

Top 10 Choices Quotes

In such seconds of decision, entire futures are made.

Dan Simmons
choices quotes

Regardless of the magnitude of the decision, our brains make it hard for us to keep the perspective we need to make good choices.

Travis Bradberry
choices quotes

What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.

Bodie Thoene
choices quotes

It’s only when we are able to see our own behavior that we are able to wake up and start making conscious choices.

Debbie Ford
choices quotes

It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.

Jim Rohn
choices quotes

We really only have two choices. Play it safe, or take a chance. For me, pulling back because of fear has always made me feel worse.

Gail Sheehy
choices quotes

Opposition provides choices, and choices bring consequences, good or bad.

Ezra Taft Benson
choices quotes

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.

William Jennings Bryan
choices quotes

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.

Denis Waitley
choices quotes

Life is a choice as is how you handle the pitfalls along its bumpy road.

Julie Donner Andersen
choices quotes

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More Choices Quotes

Decisions are the frequent fabric of our daily design. Don Yaeger

You cannot hinder someone’s free will, that’s the first law of the Universe, no matter what the decision.

E.A. Bucchianeri

We all need to decide whether to play it safe in life and worry about the downside, or instead take a chance, by being who we really are and living the life our heart desires. Which choice are you making? Charlie Badenhop

choices quotes

You can let things define you, destroy you, or strengthen you. It’s your choice. Anonymous

choices quotes

Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely. Roy T. Bennett

You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.

Sammy Davis Jr.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. Keri Russell

choices quotes

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. Anonymous

choices quotes

We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves. Thomas Merton

If you’re just safe about the choices you make, you don’t grow.

Heath Ledger

I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime. Elisabeth KublerRoss

choices quotes

There are moments when one has to choose between living one’s own life fully, entirely, completely or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. Oscar Wilde

choices quotes

You shape your future every day through the choices you make. That’s sort of a hard one to swallow, isn’t it? It would be much easier to say you are a victim of circumstances. Then you don’t have to act. Your choices create your reality. Jason Harvey

Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase your dreams. The choice is yours.


Your joy comes from how you think, the choices that we make in life. Joyce Meyer

A small behavioral change can also lead to embracing a wider checklist of healthier choices. Chuck Norris

choices quotes

And we have complete control over our own attitude. We are the ones we decide how we feel, how we look at things, how we react. Catherine Pulsifer

We are partners by fate. We become friends by choice.

Jacquie McTaggart

True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure, the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature. Robert McKee

choices quotes

Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: we are what we chose to be. Graham Brown

choices quotes

We are free to choose our paths, but we can’t choose the consequences that come with them. Sean Covey

Life is all about making choices. Always do your best to make the right ones, and always do your best to learn from the wrong ones.


Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them for the rest of their life. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they’re bad, it means they’re humans. Anonymous

Make good choices today so you don’t have regrets tomorrow. Anonymous

choices quotes

Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision. Tony Robbins

Big changes don’t have to be hard, but they do have to start with a choice. This is where real change begins; this is where you start taking control of your life and how you choose to live it; this is where it all starts.

Nathalie Thompson

Every choice comes with a consequence. Once you make a choice, you must accept responsibility. You cannot escape the consequences of your choices, whether you like them or not. Roy T. Bennett

choices quotes

Transformation occurs when there has been a learning lesson and you choose to create a better choice. Andrea Reibmayr

choices quotes

And I must believe that man has the power to know the right, to choose between good and evil and know that his choice has made a difference. Marion Zimmer Bradley

Choices are the hinges of destiny.

Edwin Markham

The difficulties we face originate from one of three sources. Some are sent to us by the Lord to test our faith, others are the result of Satan’s attacks, and still others are due to our own sinful choices. Charles Stanley

The choices we make lead up to actual experiences. It is one thing to decide to climb a mountain. It is quite another to be on top of it. Herbert A. Simon

choices quotes

But the past cannot be changed, and we carry our choices with us, forward, into the unknown. We can only move on. Libba Bray

The hardest choices in life aren’t between what’s right and what’s wrong but between what’s right and what’s best.

Jamie Ford

In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices. Dr. Kathleen Hall

choices quotes

No matter what the situation, remind yourself, I have a choice. Deepak Chopra

choices quotes

Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible. CherieCarter Scotts

There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it.

Shannon L. Alder

I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. Elenor Roosevelt

If you choose to not deal with an issue, then you give up your right of control over the issue and it will select the path of least resistance. Susan Del Gatto

choices quotes

You always do what you want to do. This is true with every act. You may say that you had to do something, or that you were forced to, but actually, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself. W. Clement Stone

No one forces a person to be negative, and no one forces anyone to be positive. The choice is up to an individual and that person alone.

Byron Pulsifer

When things go wrong, we have one of two choices to make. We can choose to respond with fear, or we can choose to respond with faith. Penny Hunt

Sometimes good choices are really bad ones, wrapped up in so much fear you can’t even see straight. Deb Caletti

choices quotes

Eighty percent of all choices are based on fear. Most people don’t choose what they want; they choose what they think is safe. Phil McGraw

You know how sometimes you tell yourself that you have a choice, but really you don’t have a choice? Just because there are alternatives doesn’t mean they apply to you.

Rick Yancey

Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it. Pat Riley

choices quotes

As you grow and mature, you will want and will earn more freedom to live your lives your way and to make your own choices. This you should do. Joseph B. Wirthlin

choices quotes

Every man has a choice between love of truth and love of repose. Love of repose brings him a solid reputation and peaceful life; love of truth keeps him in suspense. A man who loves truth respects the highest law of his being. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The choice for silence or noise, for carefulness or carelessness, is ours in every moment.

Maggie Ross

Too many times, the majority of people choose to limit their own power and potential because they have not allowed themselves the opportunity to see the big picture of what can truly be theirs in life. Mark Eriksson

Motivational Choices Quotes

Whether transition is forced upon us or comes about by personal choice, making it to the other side requires that we intentionally process the loss, celebrate the victories, and plan for the next productive season. Tim Austin

Decisions are the hardest thing to make especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.


The first step in making better choices is to simply be brutally honest about your own behavior to yourself. What are the choices you are making? How are you spending your time? What are you neglecting that you shouldn’t? Mark Manson

You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice. Anonymous

choices quotes

You can’t make your choices based on what critics think. You have to make your choices based on what’s honest for you. Nicolas Cage

choices quotes

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become victim or victor.


Sometimes it doesn’t matter too much what choice you make, as long as you make it quick and stick to it. Joe Abercrombie

In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn’t matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did. Cassandra Clare

choices quotes

Life is the sum of all your choices. Anonymous

While it is good and desirable for you to be attentive to the way your choices affect others, you cross the line of healthy behavior when you make yourself primarily responsible for others’ actions.

Les Carter PHD

Every day brings new choices. Martha Beck

You can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable. Deepak Chopra

We couldn’t help getting angry when we were hurt; we had no choice in the matter. We can, however, make a decision about whether we’ll allow that anger to turn into rage. Brian Jones

When we find inspiration, we need to take action for ourselves and for our communities. Even if it means making a hard choice, or cutting out something and leaving it in your past.

Aron Ralston

We make our choices, then our choices make us. Anonymous

Every choice you make has an end result. Zig Ziglar

God’s will is not automatic. He allows us to make choices. Many of the things that happen to you are not God’s perfect will. We all have to choose between God’s will and our will. Rick Warren

If you don’t have the information you need to make wise choices, find someone who does.

Lori Hil

You have two choices, to conquer your fear or to let your fear conquer you. Roy T. Bennett

choices quotes

The choices you make now, the people you surround yourself with, they all have the potential to affect your life, even who you are, forever. Sarah Dessen

Ultimately, you choose to be happy or miserable. The reality is that although you are free to choose, you can’t choose the consequences of your choices. They’re preloaded. It’s a package deal. Sean Covey

Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.

Catherine Pulsifer

The difference between an excuse and a reason is that, in the end, an excuse is our CHOICE to give in to the challenges we would have to face, and our attempt to COVER IT UP with a softball answer. Rick Butts

Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another. J.E.B. Spredemann

At the end of the day, the questions we ask of ourselves determine the type of people that we will become. Leo Babauta

The choices we make every minute of every day can contribute to making someone’s life a little bit better or worse even without intending to.

Chikamso Efobi

Your attitude plus your choices equals your life. Anonymous

choices quotes

Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with. Brodi Ashton

The past exists only in your thinking and only for as long as you choose to hang on to it. Elaine Harrison

Life presents you with so many decisions. A lot of times, they’re right in front of your face and they’re really difficult, but we must make them.

Brittany Murphy

We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals. Stephen Covey

Everyone has choices to make; no one has the right to take those choices away from us. Not even out of love. Cassandra Clare

The choice to take action to accomplish what you want or what you deserve is entirely up to you. No one is going to seek you out and no one is going to do it for you. It’s your move. Catherine Pulsifer

I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made in my life because with every choice I make, I learn something new.

Siva Kaneswaren

Focus on making choices to lead your life that aligns with your core values in the most purposeful way possible. Roy T. Bennett

Life will always bring you pain; you have a choice about how much you suffer. Gretchen Kubacky

Inspiring Choices Quotes

You got one choice at the beginning but if you didn’t choose right, things got narrow real quick. Ron Rash

I choose to take charge of the rest of my life.


Whatever you decide, don’t let it be because you don’t think you have a choice. Hannah Harrington

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. Tony Robbins

The right choice is hardly ever the easy choice. Rick Riordan

You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can always choose how you respond to it.

Roy T. Bennett

It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be. Sanhita Baruah

The choices we make determine our destiny. Brandon October

You are not the victim of the world, but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny. Roy T. Bennett

You cannot continue on the same path and arrive at a different destination. Make the choice to have your actions reflect your goals.

Steve Maraboli

Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you don’t like your life, it is time to start making better choices. Anonymous

choices quotes

Ignore the noise and follow your own choice. Anonymous

There are only two choices: make progress or make excuses. Anonymous

You can’t make yourself feel positive, but you can choose how to act, and if you choose right, it builds your confidence.

Julien Smith

Each person has a choice; the choice to do as one may wish and as one wants remains with the individual. If a person sees no benefit to change, they will not change. Byron Pulsifer

You came empty on earth, why overloaded now, were all your choices absolutely correct, it is never too late to reconsider them? William Ngwako Maphoto

How you react emotionally is a choice in any situationand those cumulative choices can make or break your chances for wellbeing. Judith Orloff

Beliefs are choices. First you choose your beliefs. Then your beliefs affect your choices.

Roy T. Bennett

Did you know that to worry about a situation you are making a conscious choice to do so? Mike C. Adams

choices quotes

I think that there is something beautiful about mortality. It makes our decisions mean more. Brandon Boyd

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you. John C. Maxwell

Life is a matter of really tough choices.

Joe Biden

Our parents bring us into the world, but in the end, we are responsible for what we become. Kahlil Gibran

You have two choices in life. Choice number one is to be the same and be like everyone else. Choice number two is to be yourself and be a difference maker. Jazlyn Roehl

The C’s of life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life never change.

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

It’s our choices that matter in the end. Not wishes, not words, not promises. Alexandra Bracken

choices quotes

The key to accepting responsibility for your life is to accept the fact that your choices, every one of them, are leading you inexorably to either success or failure, however you define those terms. Neal Boortz

Behaviors are a choice. Feelings are sometimes out of our control. Behavior has to do with choices. Randall Terry

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.


People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead. James Baldwin

The choices that we make in our life, indeed determine the kind of results that we experience and the quality of the life that we live. Sumeet Jain

As much as it’s sometimes hard to make choices about where you invest, it’s equally hard to make choices about where you don’t invest and what you eliminate. Anne M. Mulcahy

Unfortunately, some of our poor choices are irreversible, but many are not. Often, we can change course and get back on the right track.

James E. Faust

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. Nelson Mandela

We all have choices we have to make, and with those choices come certain sacrifices. Hill Harper

Patience gives us selfcontrol, the capacity to stop and be in the present moment. From that place we can make wise choices. M. J. Ryan

If my life choices had to be predicated based on what was expected of me from a community on either side, that’s going to make me feel really straitjacketed, and I don’t want to feel that.

Sarah Paulson

You have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again. Pat Riley

It is difficult to make the right choice if you fear choosing wrongly. Roy T. Bennett

I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude. Judith M. Knowlton

Sometimes you have to choose between a bunch of wrong choices and no right ones. You just have to choose which wrong choices feels the least wrong.

Colleen Hoover

Everybody’s got the potential for great good and great wrong in them, but it’s the choices we make that define who we really are. Charles de Lint

The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose. Thornton Wilder

Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. Dallin H. Oaks

In other words, happiness is a choice. More than that, happiness is a state of mind. It is not a destination. Nicole Fisher

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