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3 Simple Ways To Create a Growth Mindset

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To be successful, create a growth mindset and to accomplish everything you set out to do is hard.

However, with the ever-growing amount of information out there it is probably becoming that bit easier.

We are inundated with ever increasing amounts of YouTube videos, Podcasts and Blogs telling us the ‘blueprint’ to being successful.

Even with all this information out there, there is still only a very small amount of people that apply everything they have learned and take the necessary action.

Why is this?

They have the right growth mindset.

It’s all well and good having all the tools available, but without the right growth mindset, it is almost impossible to achieve everything you want.

Below are three of the most common mindset principles of successful people:

Stay Accountable To Yourself

One of the easiest ways to create a growth mindset is to stick to your own word.

If you tell yourself you are going to do something today and stick to it, you will start to build personal self-respect and know that you can count on yourself.

The most successful people know that every time you break your own word, you weaken your self-confidence and will start to doubt yourself next time you say you are going to commit to something.

Being accountable to others is a powerful self-development technique.

However, being accountable to yourself is even more powerful and creates a greater growth mindset.

It will give you more inner self-belief every time you carry out a task you have committed to do.

As an example, if you say you are going to commit to reading for 20 minutes each day, make sure you do it every day.

Even if some days you don’t feel like it.

Failure Is Good

Failure isn’t bad.

It’s all about how you perceive failure.

The most successful people understand that in order to succeed it is inevitable that they will fail along the way.

Without failure they will not get to where they want to go.

Failure is an incredible tool that can be used to get really important feedback.

When successful people fail they will analyse where they went wrong and make a plan so that next time failure is not an option.

They will learn from their mistakes time and time again. This is applying a growth mindset to your actions.

It is important not to be scared of failure too.

For many people, they will not chase their biggest dreams for fear of failure.

But failure can be good.

If applied correctly, each time you fail you will be one step closer to your biggest goals.

Have Clear Goals, But Be Flexible

Your goals are where you want to go, and the different actions, habits, and strategies are the methods of getting to where you want to go.

There are many potential ways of getting to where you want to go but it is most important to find the ways which are best suited to you.

The most successful people will have a clear destination in mind.

However, they understand that getting from point A to B will involve various detours along the way.

This flexibility allows them to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances and it doesn’t steer them off course, it just means they will take a slightly different route to what they had initially planned.

As you keep progressing, it is really important to evolve and be open to new ways of doing things to help create that growth mindset.

The most successful people are always open to learning new ways of doing things which continually helps them to become more and more successful.

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