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5 Effective Ways To Develop A Successful Mindset

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Generally, the biggest difference between those who succeed big in life and those that don’t is mindset and mentality. You need to put in the work to develop a successful mindset.

Developing a successful mindset is one of the driving forces of feelings of confidence, self-worth, and competence.

Every successful person you can think of has the right mindset to put themselves in a position to succeed.

If you want to elevate yourself to be among this group of people you need to work on building a successful mindset.

Luckily, if you put in the work, it is something that can be learned over time. 

People who have a successful mindset were not born with this ability, it is something they have crafted and will continue to craft and refine over many years.

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How To Develop A Successful Mindset

If you want to start working on developing a successful mindset consider these five elements:


Do you sometimes think only conversations you have with other people are the ones that really matter?

If you do, that’s not quite right.

The conversations that we have with ourselves can be the most important ones that you will ever have in your life.

We are speaking to ourselves all day, every day. Take a moment to reflect on how many times you have already spoken to yourself today.

What we say to ourselves is crucial as it can strongly influence how we act. We need to be feeding our minds with positive progressive thoughts.

We need to be planting seeds of positivity and inspiration and be very careful about how we criticize ourselves as it can create strong feelings of self-doubt.

Next time you have a conversation with yourself – consciously think about what you are saying. If it feels negative, flip it on its head and think of something positive.

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Sometimes it feels like people are just born with more luck. However, beneath the ‘luck’ you might see on the surface is a deep sense of grit and determination.

Angela Duckworth, a world-renowned psychologist says that “talent counts, but effort counts twice”.

You can’t just rely on goodwill to get you the success you want in life. You need to couple it with hard work and determination as this is crucial to long-term success.

Everyone has that initial burst of enthusiasm and excitement when they set a new goal. 

However, what separates those that achieve their goals and those that let it drift after a few weeks is the continued drive and commitment to see the goal through to the end. Even when things have got tough.

Having strong grit helps us to push through the difficult times and gets us closer to all the goals we have set out to achieve.


Triumphantly announcing a goal, without any plan to achieve it will ensure you are not successful.

You need to have a well thought out plan and strategy to successfully start and move forward. A plan will ensure you don’t give up when things get tough.

Start by breaking down the goal into smaller manageable tasks. Then devise a plan with activities scheduled to complete the smaller more manageable tasks.

Be open-minded to tweak the plan as and when you need to. As you move forward with the plan if you feel things could be more efficient or something is just not working – change it.

By having a plan, and being open to changing it if needed, you significantly enhance your chances of success.

Having this mindset will put you a cut above how most people will approach their goals.

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You have to start out with the right intentions if you want to achieve anything in life.

You also need to set them high enough to give you that added motivation to go out to achieve everything you want.

Have you set your intentions high enough? If not, think bigger as you will act bigger.

Aim to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. The more you do this the more you will see real growth and development.

The most successful people in the world will continually put themselves in challenging situations and have challenging goals. 

By setting your sights high and believing you are able to perform at a high level, it will lead to remarkable results and you will be able to achieve everything you never thought possible.

The powerful part of having the right intention is even if you don’t quite hit your loftiest goal, 9 times out of 10 where you end up will be better off than your original mediocre goal anyway.


Creating a plan and having the right intention is great. However, to really succeed you have to take action.

Mentally prepare yourself in advance that taking strong decisive action is the only way you are going to achieve success.

There will be days when you aren’t feeling it. However, you need to remind yourself whenever that self-doubt creeps in that you need to take consistent steps to help you achieve your goal.

On days you are not feeling it, just try and do a little bit. You will build a sense of achievement in yourself that you can push through when things get tough.

By doing this it will make it easier in the future to push through challenging times. Taking action helps to build trust in yourself, you know you can rely on yourself to get things done.


Success doesn’t just land on your lap, it is critical you develop a successful mindset if you want to succeed.

By taking some of the actionable steps above you will begin to engrain a successful mindset onto yourself. 

Having a successful mindset is particularly important when the going gets tough. You will need to dig deep and push through.

Keep working on your mentality, it is not something you will ever crack 100%. You need to keep working on it day in, day out.

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