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185 Best Disappointment Quotes For Overcoming Challenges

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If you are looking for some amazing disappointment quotes to help you overcome challenges you are in the right place.

Disappointment happens to everyone in all walks of life.

However, what defines us is how we choose to handle disappointment.

Do we use it to motivate demotivate us?

In this post you will find a great selection of disappointment quotes to motivate when times are hard

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Right, let’s jump into this list of disappointment quotes.

Top 10 Disappointment Quotes

Blessed is he that expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

Benjamin Franklin
disappointment quotes

One cannot feel true disappointment until the very end, and even then, it is only another beginning.

disappointment quotes

It is better to know and be disappointed than to not know and always wonder.

Oscar Wilde
disappointment quotes

The simple solution for disappointment depression: Get up and get moving. Physically move. Do. Act. Get going.

Peter McWilliams
disappointment quotes

Marriages that end in disappointment happens when each other’s expectations are not put on the table.

disappointment quotes

Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.

Eric Hoffer
disappointment quotes

Disappointments are to the soul what a thunderstorm is to the air.

Friedrich Schiller
disappointment quotes

Like a mortal wound, getting over a disappointment will only make you stronger.

disappointment quotes

If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.

Henry David Thoreau
disappointment quotes

Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there’s a choice I make.

Charles Stanley
disappointment quotes

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More Disappointment Quotes

We are our own sculptors. We chisel away to create our life’s work but sit down in disappointment when a part is not properly done. Remember, it is a work in progress, there is still much to do. Unknown

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.

Beverly Sills

There is no rush to acquire success. Do not be disappointed that you have not yet reached your potential. Unknown

There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love. Martin Luther King, Jr.

disappointment quotes

It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. Unknown

We do not understand it when we first feel disappointment but in time, it will become an unwanted companion that walks with us through life. Unknown

The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.

Thomas S. Monson

Disappointment had to be postponed, hope kept alive as long as possible. Graham Greene

I guess that’s what disappointment is — a sense of loss for something you never had. Deb Caletti

disappointment quotes

We’ve all experienced change for a moment, only to feel let down and disappointed in the end. Tony Robbins

Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.

Eliza Tabor

If your purpose is just discovery, never commit. This is a path that would lead to disappointment. Unknown

A cynic is someone who’s had his dreams shattered by the realities of disappointment. Unknown

disappointment quotes

Disappointment is a quicksand of unreality which does not sink in until you have been sucked in. Unknown

Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together.

Marilyn Monroe

You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. Unknown

A disappointment is merely an assignment for your next appointment. Kayambila Mpulamasaka

disappointment quotes

How do you deal with disappointment? How do you deal with a monster that holds a hammer and is smashing your glass heart to pieces? Unknown

The importance we give our disappointment is what turns it into a tragedy.

Nitya Prakash

Assuming is the root of all disappointments. Rogienel Reyes

Sometimes when you get disappointment it makes you stronger. David Rudisha

disappointment quotes

Disappointments are just God’s way to saying ‘I’ve got something better’. Be patient, live life, have faith. Unknown

If you think one day you will get it all done, and then you can relax, you are bound to be disappointed. Christina Winsey-Rudd

Disappointment is an endless wellspring of comedy inspiration.

Martin Freeman

You can hate life and be done with it, but it is an underlying fear of disappointment that causes you to do so. Look for the light in your soul to free you from this prison. Unknown

Men marry because they are tired, women, because they are curious: both are disappointed. Oscar Wilde

disappointment quotes

Let’s face it: None of us are ever going to get to the place in life where we have no more disappointments. We can’t expect to be sheltered from every little thing. Disappointment is a fact of lifeone that must be dealt with. Joyce Meyer

Disappointment is a festering infected disease that takes out the joy from your soul and the smile from your heart.


It was one of those times you feel a sense of loss, even though you didn’t have something in the first place. I guess that’s what disappointment is- a sense of loss for something you never had. Deb Caletti, the Nature of Jade

If you expect the unexpected all the time, nothing will disappoint you. Unknown

disappointment quotes

If I had my way, if I was lucky enough, if I could be on the brink my entire life that great sense of expectation and excitement without the disappointment that would be the perfect state. Cate Blanchett

It is our fate in life to be disappointed. The human mind is so vast and full of imagination that real life will never live up to its expectations.


Present, n. That part of eternity dividing the domain of disappointment from the realm of hope. Ambroe Pierce

I’m never shocked when people let me down nowadays. I just hate the fact that I put myself in a position to be let down in the first place. Unknown

disappointment quotes

The cost of mediocrity is disappointment. William Arthur Ward

It’s easy not to be disappointed when you’re always wading in the shallow end of feelings. Maurene Goo

If I am to meet with a disappointment, the sooner I know it, the more of life I shall have to wear it off.

Thomas Jefferson

Children will always be a disappointment for parents who are never satisfied even with themselves. Unknown

Things are as they are, we suffer because we imagined different. Unknown

disappointment quotes

I’m sad, hurt, angry, mad, disappointed. But you know what? I will put on a happy face and move on. It will hurt but I will survive. Unknown

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you. Unknown

One suffers from disappointment, which is to say like every pain, it may be cured.


But you know that disappointment is just the action of your brain readjusting itself to reality after discovering things are not the way you thought they were. Brad Warner

You can’t really disappoint yourself. You can do stupid stuff that can lead you to bad consequences, but knowing that you are who you are can ease the pain. Unknown

disappointment quotes

Maturity really means: being very unsurprised by, and calm around, pain and disappointment. Alain de Botton

The best way to deal with disappointment is to acknowledge and work through the feelings it induces.

Noaman Kaysingwala

We run with the desire to fulfill that which is written in our destinies with the spikes and warnings of disappointment and regret lurking beneath. Unknown

Disappointment is really just a term for our refusal to look on the bright side. Richelle E. Goodrich

disappointment quotes

Choosing a path to follow and getting lost is a common occurrence for people. Do not be disappointed with your human frailty. Unknown

Nothing annoys me more than when someone expects you to be okay with something that they wouldn’t be okay with if you did it.


You will end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you. Unknown

Everything you do in life takes you higher. That is why a disappointment of having less than the best hurts like a fall. Unknown

disappointment quotes

Regret is a bedmate of disappointment and is a lethal combination. Unknown

The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality. Conan O’Brien

Inspirational Disappointment Quotes

Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them. Unknown

Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.


Hope and expectations are different names for the first part of the path to disappointment. Unknown

You cannot be disappointed by something that doesn’t exist. Unknown

disappointment quotes

Understanding is the key to getting over disappointment. Unknown

How disappointment tracks the steps of hope. Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Disappointment is a disease that starts with malaise in one’s heart and spreads to those around them.


One of the worst feelings in the world is having to doubt something you thought was unquestionable. Unknown

When you work so hard and get back so little is a soul crushing disappointment that must be shelved in order to make life go on. Unknown

disappointment quotes

When presenting yourself to the world, always show confidence. People are more excited with the prospect of something curious than be turned off by a forecasted disappointment. Unknown

Disappointment is a beautiful sadness, a fitting end to a tragic tale of expectation.


Disappointments are everyday cuts that must be taken cared of or else death will come from profuse bleeding of the soul. Unknown

It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were. Unknown

disappointment quotes

Whenever I experienced some disappointment in my life, it was always laughter that came to my rescue. Marty Rubin

Save the excuses. It’s not about ‘having time’ it’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time.


It is a gift when someone shares your disappointment. Often, the mere listening of one’s woes is enough to dispel it. Unknown

A perfect life is to have expectations without the disappointment. Unknown

disappointment quotes

Beauty can cause disappointment for if there is no substance beneath, the image becomes nothing but an empty picture. Unknown

We simultaneously feel relieved and disappointed when someone sees through our facade and sets us straight.


If a man does not read, he prepares himself for a life full of shocking realities and disappointments. Unknown

If you put in little effort and expect big returns, you will be deeply disappointed. You don’t get apples by planting lemon seeds. Catherine Pulsifer

disappointment quotes

You have to learn to not let little disappointments get you down and to stay focused on the big picture. Gillan Tans

It’s amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your heart can sink, and how much one person can affect you. Unknown

Disappointment, when it involves neither shame nor loss, is as good as success; for it supplies as many images to the mind, and as many topics to the tongue.

Samuel Johnson

Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead. Les Brown

Nothing in life has happened to you. It’s happened for you. Every disappointment. Every wrong. Even every closed door has helped make you into who you are. Joel Osteen

To courageously straighten up again after our heads have been bowed by defeat, disappointment and suffering is a supreme test of character. Wilferd Peterson

The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.

Thomas Hardy

Life is all about setbacks. A life lived without disappointment is a life lived in a cocoon. People have recovered from far worse setbacks. Tony Clark

Do not dwell on your loss. Look forward with bright new hopes. Lailah Gifty Akita

Parents ought to teach children how to deal with disappointment and stress. I think the world would be better off full of dysfunctional happy people than those who become disruptive. Unknown

When suffering a blow of disappointment, take time to heal one’s wounds. One can go on, surely, but without the strength necessary to succeed. Unknown

Hope is tomorrow’s veneer over today’s disappointment.

Evan Esar

A true friend will listen to your disappointments, say, I told you so, and help you back up. Unknown

Expectation is the root of all heartache. William Shakespeare

You just cannot have the same thing twice without being disappointed. Vann Chow

God makes the life fertile by disappointments, as he makes the ground fertile by frosts.

Henry Ward Beecher

When someone disappoints you, there is nothing that can be done but to accept it. Unknown

When hope suddenly dies it leaves a scar and a throbbing pain of disappointment. Unknown

Friends who tell you that you cannot are a disappointment and should be kept away from as they are not friends, but doubts in human form. Unknown

Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything.

Kurt Vonnegut

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. Unknown

He had the look of one who had drunk the cup of life and found a dead beetle at the bottom. P.G. Woodhouse

Disappointment is a troll that follows you around the house, cluttering things you have put in order, moving the things you need around, and generally disrupting life. Best way to get rid of this pest is to face it head on and tell it to go away before it multiplies. Unknown

Motivating Disappointment Quotes

Sometimes, when something you dreamed of doesn’t happen, a sigh of relief is in order rather than disappointment. Unknown

When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.

Kristin Armstrong

We are often less grieved at disappointments than at ourselves for having said much concerning the certainty of our expectations. Norman Macdonald

Do not believe others when they say they love you. If you do not see the actions with your own eyes, you shall experience disappointment. Unknown

Disappointment is an ominous cloud of self-doubt and fear which must be broken through at all costs. Unknown

Disappointment is a tiny sign that leads you to an evil path.


Try your best and reach for the stars. But do not try to reach without stretching or you would be disappointed. Unknown

Suspense is worse than disappointment. Robert Burns

A pier is a disappointed bridge. Julian Barnes

The more we shelter children from every disappointment, the more devastating future disappointments will be.

Fred G. Gosman

Forget yesterday and last month and last year, with their gloomy diary of failures and disappointments. All that is in the past. Og Mandino

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. Robert Kiyosaki

Most things disappoint till you look deeper. Graham Greene

Evil lurks where disappointment lodges.

George Foreman

Each pain makes you stronger, each betrayal more intelligent, every disappointment more skillful and each experience wiser. Unknown

I think childhood is, generally speaking, a preparation for disappointment. Seamus Heaney

Life is a long preparation for something that never happens. W.B. Yeats

Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation. Unknown

Greet disappointment with cheerfulness. There is nothing like a spring in your step to dispel the ugly gloom.


Disappointment is preferable to being kept in suspense for it is the start of healing. Unknown

I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be. Unknown

Perfectionism rarely begets perfection, or satisfaction only disappointment. Ryan Holiday

At the end of a love affair or a job, test how deep your disappointment is and be merry. For if it is deep, it means you have invested in it fully, and if it is shallow, you can easily move on.


Disappointment has no place in a heart full of gratitude. Unknown

Every disappointment gives you opportunity to make another appointment. B. A. Fajimi

In that moment of disappointment, pause and remember that GOD has a better plan for you. Maria Koszler

You must, for the sake of your sanity, transcend disappointment. Unknown

There’s always failure. And there’s always disappointment. And there’s always loss. But the secret is learning from the loss, and realizing that none of those holes are vacuums.

Michael J. Fox

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. Jim Rohn

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Destroying the seeds of disappointment requires you to unexpect the expected. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Sometimes you don’t need to hear their excuses or what they have to say for themselves because their actions already spoke the truth.


People and events don’t disappoint us, our models of reality do. It is my model of reality that determines my happiness or disappointments. Stephan Zweig, Chess Story

Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm. Murray Gell-Mann

You can’t please everyone, but you can’t not please everyone either. Joyce Rachelle

Anger is more constructive than despair.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the best protections against disappointment is to have a lot going on. Alain de Botton

If you’re betrayed, release disappointment at once. By that way, the bitterness has no time to take root. Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Disappointment is just the action of your brain readjusting itself to reality after discovering things are not the way you thought they were. Brad Warner

Disappointment is a good sign of basic intelligence. It cannot be compared to anything else: it is so sharp, precise, obvious, and direct. If we can open, then we suddenly begin to see that our expectations are irrelevant compared with the reality of the situations we are facing. Chogyam Trungpa

Enlightening Disappointment Quotes

Life is not always a celebration; so be ready to courageously face disappointments when they come, and be sure to grow stronger and wiser from them. Edmond Mbiaka

Beware of wallowing in disappointment for it is in this state that depression creeps from behind.


Laughter is a cure to the bitter disappointments in life. When you are sad, look for laughter to ease the pain. Unknown

Sometimes disappointing other people is the only way you can be yourself. Nitya Prakash

What do you do when disappointment comes? When it weighs on you like a rock, you can either let it press you down until you become discouraged, even devastated, or you can use it as a stepping-stone to better things. Joyce Meyer

Disappointments are a result of failed expectations. To have less disappointments, either expect less from other people or demand more from yourself.

Kevin Ngo

In the midst of my disappointment I am never defeated. Only given the opportunity to rise again willing to take on new challenges. Eleesha

When you have no expectations, you’ll never have disappointments. Unknown

Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement. Joyce Meyer

Music is % exhilaration and % utter disappointment. John Barrow

See your disappointments as good fortune. One plan’s deflation is another’s inflation.

Jean Cocteau

Life is full of pain and pleasure and between the two, disappointment and ecstasy. Unknown

Disappointment is a sticky one, because no one can steal contentment, joy, gratitude, or peace we have to give it away. Kristin Armstrong

We can be disappointed with the world but it does us no good as the world will revolve despite us not moving. Unknown

Disappointment is a terrible feeling where your insides are twisted up so bad that no medicine but time can heal it. Unknown

You say you are disappointed with life. But maybe it is life that’ is disappointed with you.

Marty Rubin

Expectation is the only seed of disappointment. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

No matter how much in love you are, in the end, you are disappointed by either a flamed out affair or until death does you part. Unknown

Disappointments are not meant to destroy you; they are meant to strengthen you. Unknown

Disappointment has quite a penchant for taking one by surprise. Pawan Mishra

Do not make a person wait for a decision. To wait forever is a more cruel fate than to be disappointed.


To grow up is a disappointment, to make the best of it is maturity. Unknown

Children are often disappointed with their lot in life and suffer the injustice at living when they did not ask to be born. Unknown

Never trust a person that has let you down more than twice. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson, and anything more than that is simply taking advantage. Unknown

As a rule, a beautiful woman is a terrible disappointment. Carl Jung

Never stop building toward your dreams. Should there be any disappointments along the way, use them for a sturdier foundation.


One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments. Henry Ward Beecher

It is a bitter disappointment when you have sown benefits, to reap injuries. Plautus

It is the fear to cause disappointments that leads to it. Such is the irony of life. Unknown

Sometimes we love our children too much that we try protect them from all the hurts in the world, including disappointment. This is often a disappointment in itself.


Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives. William Throsby Bridges

Only the fear of disappointment will keep one from following through their goals. Unknown

As you work towards your goals, disappointments may slow you down, but they don’t have to keep you down. Catherine Pulsifer

Hope, but never expect. Look forward, but never wait. Unknown

Getting disappointed is like becoming broke. You invested so much in something and end up with nothing for your troubles.


Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom. Sir Boyle Roche

After being disappointed so many times, you start to lose hope in everything. Unknown

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Hopefully you have enjoyed this big list of dissapointment quotes.

There are lots to motivate and inspire you every day.

I’d love to know which disappointment quotes are your favourites.

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