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How To Improve Yourself Daily In 15 Practical Steps

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This post will show you 15 ways you can improve yourself daily.

Let’s jump right into it.

Learn a New Language

Having the ability to learn a new language feels like it fades as you get older.

That shouldn’t be the case, there are so many good apps these days that make it fun and more intuitive to learn small amounts every day.

One of the best is Duolingo, there is a huge selection of languages you can learn on the app. You can choose how much time you want to commit to learning each day.

Start off small at 5 mins a day and increase over time as you start to enjoy the process.

Start a New Hobby

Is there a new hobby you can pick up?

A new sport you can commit to?

Some good examples could be golf, football, tennis, rock climbing or go-karting.

Or why not choose a hobby that is a little less taxing on the body such as cooking lessons, English teaching, wine & cheese clubs etc?

The goal of chosing a new hobby is for it to hopefully challenge you someway, whether that be emotionally, physically or mentally.

Get Up Earlier

The benefits of waking up earlier have been well documented by many successful people.

A couple that spring to mind are Tony Robins and Robin Sharma.

Getting up early and focusing on yourself for the first hour of the day can be extremely satisfying and set you up for a really productive day.

One of the keys to being able to get up early is to have a good evening routine in place.

Check out this article to see how you can create the perfect evening routine.

Have An Exercise Routine

Having a proper exercise programme will help you in all areas fo your life.

To keep it interesting try mixing it up by going jogging, yoga, pilates, swimming. Keep it fun and interesting.

Set a Challenge With Someone

There is no better way to keep yourself accountable than to set a challenge with someone.

Choose someone you have similar interests with and are closely matched in terms of ability.

The challenge could be financial, exercise related, study related etc.

Just choose something you are both interested in and you will both get better results than if you went about it individually.

Set BHAGS, Otherwise Known as Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Goal setting should be a part of your normal self development routine.

However, sometimes it is useful to set really big goals, goals that almost seem too much of a challenge, but one you know that with real dedication and focus you can aspire to achieve.

These goals are there to spark a fire inside you and really get you excited.

Quit a Bad Habit

A nice easy win is to quit something that you know is bad.

This could be smoking, drinking, eating too much McDonald’s, sleeping in too late.

Whilst it is often easier said than done, quitting something will give you a real sense of achievement and help you to commit to improving other areas of your life too.

Create a New Habit

What can be as rewarding as stopping a bad habit?

Creating a new good one.

Some ideas for new habits could be reading for 20 mins a day, going for a walk for 20 mins a day, expressing gratitude every day.

The trick is to start small and pick one thing initially, then build from there.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog helps to keep you accountable to others and yourself, and is a great way to document your journey.

Also by writing about the things you are learning it helps to reinforce all of your new knowledge.

Find a Mentor

Most of the successful people in the world have all worked with a mentor or a coach – you are never too successful to have one in your life.

Start a Monthly Challenge.

Set yourself a new goal and commit to it fully for 30 days. Ideally pick something that you can do everyday over a period of 30 days.

30 days is a good amount of time to really get into the groove of achieving a personal goal. It doesn’t have to be outcome specific, it could be action specific.

For example I am going to go for a walk everyday, as opposed to I am going to lose 7lbs.

Read Something About Personal Development Everyday

Make a commitment to read one article a day on self development.

Getting into the continuous mindset of trying to improve yourself daily will compound over time.

It may seem fairly insignificant if you start today, but in a year’s time it will mean you have read 365 articles on self development.

Something that can only be positive for you.

Take a Breather

Have you been flat out recently? Sometimes it can be hard to recognise that we sometimes just need a bit of a break.

A big part of self improvement is taking time out for yourself.

Try and schedule some time each weekend where you do something that relaxes and recharges your batteries.

This will be extremely positive in the long run.

Start a Journal

Starting to write in a journal is a great way to self reflect.

You can journal about anything you like, it could be about the goals you have set, gratitude for things in your life, asking yourself some questions.

Whatever it is, it allows you to clear your mind and gain some clarity.

Read More Books

Try to start reading more books – better still try reading more books on self-development.

By reading more books you are continually learning.

Some of the most successful people in the world will read countless numbers of books over the course of the year.

Why not start with Atomic Habits or Think and Grow Rich.

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