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167 Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

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If you are looking for some inspirational quotes about life and struggles you are in the right place.

Sometimes we need to read positive quotes to keep us going when times are tough.

These inspirational quotes about life and struggles will remind you that we can all work through the hard times.

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Right, let’s jump into this list of inspirational quotes about life and struggles.

Top 10 Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

Quietly endure, silently suffer and patiently wait.

Martin Luther King Jr.
inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Only by facing your demons can you stop them from having power over you.

Auliq Ice
inspirational quotes about life and struggles

No matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will somehow make it.

Brad Gast
inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Instead of wishing you were someone else, be proud of who you are. You never know who was looking at you wishing they were you.

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Be someone’s strength. Be someone’s inspiration. Be someone’s reason to never give up.

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.

Brene Brown
inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Struggling to win is the best way to show commitment to your passion because in every path chosen, obstacles are simply pointers to the end you seek.

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

A constant struggle, a ceaseless battle to bring success from inhospitable surroundings, is the price of all great achievements.

Orison Swett Marden
inspirational quotes about life and struggles

We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.

Barbara De Angelis
inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Life has a way of broadsiding us with lessons that we need to learn but would rather avoid.

Craig Groeschel
inspirational quotes about life and struggles

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More Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

Sometimes death is a release, some kind of relief from life. Yet we live on with all the strength we can muster because we choose the struggles of life over the unknown release that’s in death. Unknown

Expect obstacles and face them head on. They are going to come up so the way you handle them is what makes all the difference.

Lance Dale

Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations. Zig Ziglar

We must never betray our convictions by struggling for easy benefits, cowards would never understand what it means to live their life based on deep seated convictions. Unknown

People can have the best of intentions when they tell their loved ones how they should be living their lives. But often times, when we are in struggle, we are seeking to be supported, not solved. Jaeda DeWalt

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

When the storms do come; you can only allow them to slow you down, but don’t let them stop you, there will be delays, detours, and disappointments but you have to keep pushing through it. Bernard Kelvin Clive

Remember that in difficult times, we don’t give up. We don’t discard our highest ideals. No! We rise up to meet them. Michelle Obama

I’m thankful for my struggle because, without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.

Alex Elle

A good strategy of life is obvious: When the right path is found, it must be walked no matter how hard it is and the precious target this path destined to must be arrived at by defeating every difficulty encountered. Mehmet Murat ildan

Don’t fill life with struggles, fill life with joy. A flower always struggles to survive, but it never forgets to bloom with joy. Debasish Mridha

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle. Wilma Rudolph

Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit or think you’re good enough. Unknown

I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens to you for a reason. The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person. Rita Mero

Struggles are a part of life but they are not the totality of what life entails so we must remember to discover all the other ingredients that make life worth living.


Even in the most difficult of times, there is always a hidden blessing that exists under all the superficial stuff that we so frequently see. There is always a rainbow waiting to burst forth after the rain. Daniella Whyte

Be invested in your happiness no matter how much struggles you have to make living a happy experience, just be brave about it and take life head on. Unknown

There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you. Woody Hayes

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

In any situation, there is a sacred solution. Lailah Gifty Akita

When I am struggling with my life I look up towards the sky and say; Lord you take over. Joan Disantis

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Unknown

Just make sure that after struggling to be all you want to be that you don’t forget to live life because it would then be no use to struggle with no good reason.


When nothing goes right, you have to face forward and take it on head first. Kyo Shirodaira

The commonality among all these people is that they never gave up. For them, each new challenge was an opportunity to excel at life, to persevere in spite of at times seemingly overwhelming odds. Byron Pulsifer

Don’t ever be ashamed of struggling for the things you want in life because then you are only doing yourself the favour of living our your identity. Unknown

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome. R. C. Allen

Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going. Eric Thomas

Don’t be stuck on the struggle that you refuse to be a part of life, there’s so many people waiting on you to show them that they deserve to live, so breath a bit and live life even in the struggles. Anonymous

Not many great things have ever been done without struggling, stand up for your dream, a definite plan and burning desire can get you there.

Okorote Emmanuel

No one can determine your value except you. Stop focusing on selflimiting beliefs. Embrace your selfworth. Unknown

When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless. Unknown

Decide always to accept your struggle and don’t compare yourself with others because everyone has the strength to live their own life and not other people’s life. Unknown

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Things always get better with time, just wait and see. Clavel Nelson

You need an immense amount of courage to stay the course and struggle even when you are almost ready to give up on life, so take courage and don’t let go till you win. Anonymous

You will find that it is necessary to let things go, simply for the reason that they are heavy.


Whenever you feel life is challenging or things are just not working out, review and assess your most important values. This will help reinforce the confidence and clarity you need to improve your current situation. Brandon Stanberg

Have your one good cry, pick your chin up, smile, and move on to the positive. Auliq Ice

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Be proud of struggles in your life. They bring you closer to greatness. Auliq Ice

Life is the result of the examinations and your struggles are the questions you need to answer, there’s no cheating in this one. Unknown

Struggle is the food from which change is made, and the best time to make the most of a struggle is when it’s right in front of your face. Danny Dreyer

The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.

Wilma Rudolph

In the darkest time, I have always believed, the light will shine. Lailah Gifty Akita

You can overcome anything if you don’t bellyache. Bernard M. Baruch

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

In everybody’s life, there’s a point of no return. And in a very few cases, a point where you can’t go forward anymore. And when we reach that point, all we can do is quietly accept the fact. That’s how we survive. Haruki Murakami

You will not be crowned king for struggling hard through life, you will be crowned for understanding what makes life worth struggling for and that’s noble. Unknown

Self-pity gets you nowhere. One must have the adventurous daring to accept oneself as a bundle of possibilities and undertake the most interesting game of the world making the most of one’s best.


Your current situation is giving you an opportunity to reevaluate what you want. Anonymous

Smile like a baby, shine like a dew drop, be confident like the sun, fly like a butterfly, and trust me, no one can stop you from being successful. Unknown

inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Communication skills are only half the battle in leadership and life. If we’re honest, the real struggle happens inside our hearts and souls. Nancy Duarte

We must be vigilant, even of each other, but mostly of ourselves. What my time in the cave taught me is that the ultimate lifeanddeath struggle is with ourselves. Foreign invaders might kill my body, but only I could kill my spirit. Viet Thanh Nguyen

Maturity does not come with growth, it’s most times a function of perfecting that balance between struggles and life and learning to be yourself regardless of what life throws at you.


There’s nothing pretty about struggles because they leave you sweaty, broken, and some times almost losing your mind but you must keep your eyes on the prize. Life has it’s rewards. Unknown

Beautiful Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

Every marriage will have power struggles occasionally but if you’re willing to compromise and be fair to your spouse, then even the worst struggles will not impact your relationship adversely. Dianne Kane

Encouragement is the kind of expression that helps someone want to be a better Christian, even when life is rough.

Larry Crabb

Do what makes you a better person and pick your struggles carefully, because not all struggles make your life any better than it was the day before. Unknown

All you have to do is be yourself and live the story that no one else can live – The story of your own unique life. Be proud be confident and most of all be happy. Unknown

You can only help people feel better about their life but you cannot take on yourself their struggles because that’s not your load to bear. Unknown

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. Unknown

As professional as hockey is and professional sports is, we have highs and we have lows and in life it seems to be the general feeling that, unfortunately, sometimes you go to funerals and, fortunately, sometimes you get to go weddings and fun parties. Wayne Gretzky

When we are caught in a struggle with psychological problems we often put life on hold, believing that our pain needs to lessen before we can really begin to live again.

Steven C. Hayes

Look at my success. I didn’t achieve it overnight. It has been the product of many years’ struggle, and every year, my times have shown gradual improvement. Mo Farah

Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid. Unknown

You are not alone in the struggles of life. Entire cosmos is with you. It evolves through the way you face and overcome challenges of life. Use everything in your advantage. Amit Ray

Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible. Mao Zedong

Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can. Bruce Lee

Whatever the struggle, continue the climb. It may be only one step to the summit.

Diane Westlake

Life’s struggles are necessary for growth. Auliq Ice

We are all faced with challenges at some point in our life, challenges that we did not create. Challenges that happened beyond our control. The difference is how we respond to these challenges. You can adopt the attitude there is nothing you can do, or you can see the challenge as your call to action. Catherine Pulsifer

In the heart of every struggle lies an opportunity to grow. Melanie M. Koulouris

You can’t solve anyone else’s life for them. But then, if you see someone struggling with a heavy load, isn’t it forbidden to walk on without helping them? Naomi Alderman

Some people swim as fast as they can. Faster than most. They can never stop and rest for long, and they never reach their destination, for they are constantly swimming upstream. But eventually they become strong, in their own way. Robert Black

If the struggle brings you to tears then it better be worth every drop and if you think you are on the wrong struggle, then don’t hesitate to jump ship.


Be ready to run but take precautions because life gives you struggles like hurdles and you might just run into them instead of leaping over them. Unknown

Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts, just be strong and act like you’re okay. Strong walls shake but never collapse. Anonymous

Learning helps you in growing, physically, mentally and emotionally! So, never ever stop learning! Unknown

Hope is one of the greatest gifts to all of us because it is that magic which inspires us to keep trying learning loving and living. Unknown

Failing does not mean the end of everything. Maybe not today, but who knows tomorrow? It’s all about perfect timing. Wait patiently. Do not give up easily. Unknown

Challenges are our biggest teachers. Nothing teaches us more in life than challenges.

Brenda Nathan

Struggling is not the identity. You must learn to live while you struggle, such that anyone who sees you can separate the struggle from your life. Unknown

Surround yourself with only the people who are going to lift you higher. Anonymous

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. Buddha

Don’t be afraid to have goals and dreams. Even in the face of haters and those who do not believe in you, don’t stop dreaming. Auliq Ice

Make your daily struggles reflect the kind of choices you want to pass on to your children so they can live better lives than you did, you’d be proud of all you accomplish this way.


Be of good cheer. Do not think of today’s failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow. You have set yourself a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere; and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles. Helen Keller

The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others. Unknown

When we face a life storm, our faith is challenged most often by God’s seeming silence when we need him the most. Life storms help us to explore the reality of trust, when circumstances challenge our faith and tempt us to doubt God’s promises. John Krohn PhD

We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here now with the power to shape your day and your future. Steve Maraboli

The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.

Elizabeth KüblerRoss

There are better people in the world, do not let the worst do the worst to you, you deserve the best in life. Michael Bassey Johnson

To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals, this alone is worth the struggle. William Osler

The conception of each star was at the point of no return; of a desperate soul struggling to master the winds! C. JoyBell C.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Frederick Douglass

Because some people see a wall, and assume that’s the end of their journey. Others see it, and decide it’s just the beginning.

Angeline Trevena

You only live one but if you do it right, once is enough. Mae West

Life requires overcoming challenges and obstacles of many types. Battling our struggles and fears determines who we are. David Weatherford

It’s not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit. Unknown

It’s in the ‘valleys’ of your life that you can drink from God’s sweetest streams. Richard Daly

Struggles not only make us into stronger, better and wiser people, they also let us learn more about ourselves and our purpose in life.

Auliq Ice

Once you make it to your point of making it, you’ll appreciate the struggle. Nas

Sometimes when hardships knock, it’s just life. Do not take it personal. Naide Obiang

Without the struggles we face in life, we might be unable to tap into our deep crucibles of creativity and produce all the art that makes the world this beautiful place it is. Unknown

Sometimes, life’s challenges are tough to deal with. You will succeed if you focus your thoughts on how to overcome the challenge.

Catherine Pulsifer

Quit hanging on to the handrails. Let go. Surrender. Go for the ride of your life. Do it every day. Melody Beattie

Powerful Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up. Robert Tew

Those who struggle do it because they want to live so it’s only injustice if you struggle so much and pass up on opportunities to live life.


Hope is important for those struggling through life, without a sort of hope, man would just be a miserable creature suffering with no end in view. Unknown

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right. Unknown

Life isn’t about having what you want, it’s about wanting what you already have. Be grateful! Unknown

When you have the power to accept an emotion, no person or condition can reject you, unless you reject you. Barbra White

I did not realize that saying goodbye would be the most difficult thing I had to do in my life.

Kay Duncan

Smiling is a wonderful way to get a boost of happiness. The next time life presents you with a challenging situation, take a deep breath and smile. Morris Pratt

It’s so beautiful when you get the rewards for struggles and a chance to enjoy the life you are making so much sacrifices to get. Unknown

Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy. Norman Vincent Peale

Struggles are just as addictive as life so when you find yourself on that balance scale tilting towards one than the other, you’ll feel the withdrawal symptoms like you’ve been getting too little of one. Unknown

Focused will is incredible. If you have a dream and you don’t give up no matter what obstacles come up, then life’s problems will fall away and you will get what you want. It happens. It works.


As much as this will not be easy, it’s better to choose life even through the struggles. Anonymous

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity. Lou Holtz

Struggles like life will not last forever, so you have to choose which you’ll devote your attention to. Unknown

You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both. Unknown

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.Unknown

As with the butterfly, adversity is necessary to build character in people.

Joseph B. Wirthlin

You will truly never be good enough for anyone else if you are not good enough for yourself first. Unknown

Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change. Iyanla Vanzant

Struggle for the right things like love, family, and your peace because if you don’t, you will find yourself struggling for things you hardly even understand how they became priority in your life. Unknown

If there is one thing I have learned through my struggles in life, its todays trials will be tomorrows faded memories. Angelique Bochnak

In life, we all struggle and strive to make progress. When will you know you’ve reached success? A billion dollars is a good sign, but there’s a better one, humility.

Naveen Jain

My friend, you may feel that no one understands your struggles. Listen, while this may be true of man, it is not true of Jesus. Joseph Prince

A life filled with vicissitudes, uncertainty and hard lessons provides us with skills to better approach new challenges that come along. Vivian Eisenecher

Always think extra hard before crossing over to a bad side, if you were weak enough to cross over, you may not be strong enough to cross back! Victoria Addino

The struggles, challenges, and obstacles that it takes to succeed in life are what makes success more valuable. Nothing great comes easy, and nothing easy can ever equate to greatness. Edmond Mbiaka

I’m glad I’ve had to struggle. It’s made me the artist I am now. Jessie J.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or make you happy.


What the life of Nelson Mandela teaches us is that life is full of challenges, hardships and misfortunes and we must forever strengthen our resolve to forge ahead and achieve our dreams in spite of the road blocks erected on our paths. Abraham Mutwol

I believe my life has no limits. I want you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be. Nick Vujicic

If there’s ever anything you wanted so badly that you would never enjoy life without it, then let your struggles be for that thing or you’d spend life miserably pursuing things that would never make you come alive. Unknown

As I struggled to put together a life for myself based on my terms and my needs, in other words, a life worth living, it all boiled down to building my selfconfidence. Bill Andrews

It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. We need to learn from our errors and move on.

Steve Maraboli

And even though things won’t always go your way, I have no doubt that you can overcome. Julie Hebert

Culturally, our view of adversity is pretty narrow, and most of us would go out of our way to avoid it. But, to be frank, based on my anecdotal evidence and my research, a life without challenges is not only a life not worth living but also a life devoid of meaning. Nick DiNardo

A word of encouragement: if your foundations are in Jesus Christ, then you can weather the storm. Frank Viola

There are a lot of complications in life that we have no control over which we leave to God, so why do we complicate the things that we have control over and it is much simpler than we think? Islam Bakli

For true success ask yourself these four questions: why? why not? why not me? why not now? Unknown

Your struggles do not define you but they shape the person you become when you face them and overcome.


Your strength will be found when you stop struggling with yourself, instead of thinking everyone is a struggle worth overcoming. Every obstacle in life is a lesson that teaches us, not others. Shannon L. Alder

Believing in yourself can be hard, especially when no one else believes in you, just be proud of who you are, and believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Rashida Rowe

Whenever you feel a little stricken down in pain, think about this. The knife has to be sharpened by striking and rubbing it against something strong before it can become useful. You are going to be great after the struggles. Israelmore Ayivor

To people who struggle, Easter is the promise of life to the full. Easter celebrates human life, wondrously transformed, whole and entire, a full body filled with life. Ken Untener

One who conquers the sea today is ready to conquer the ocean tomorrow.

Matshona Dhliwayo

Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. Anonymous

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. Molière

Those who overcome great challenges will be changed, and often in unexpected ways. For our struggles enter our lives as unwelcome guests, but they bring valuable gifts. And once the pain subsides, the gifts remain. These gifts are life’s true treasures, bought at great price, but cannot be acquired in any other way. Steve Goodier

Don’t give up in times of difficulty. Persevere on as there will be an end to these. Edward Dunedin

The road to overcoming your fears could lead you to unbearable places but sometimes such gives you an edge than nothing else could give. Auliq Ice

The price for a good life is steep and that’s why only a few people are willing to pay through the sweat and struggles for that good life.


What we all need to do is find the wellspring that keeps us going, that gives us the strength and patience to keep up this struggle for a long time. Winona LaDuke

One day you’ll be at the place you always wanted to be. Don’t stop believing. Unknown

Just because those around you do not constantly tell you what they are going through in their personal life, it does not mean they are living in a fairy tale. Auliq Ice

Sometimes we can feel like we are not good enough, but it is important to remember that we have nothing to prove others. Love and respect yourself each and every day. Lisa LiebermanWang

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