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Jack Black Net Worth [2021]

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Jack Black Net Worth: £50M

jack black net worth

Who Is Jack Black?

Jack Black is an American actor, comedian, and musician whose net worth stands at $50M.

Jack is best known for starring in many comedic roles and is also an accomplished musician. He is a founding member of the band Tenacious D.

Nowadays, Jack has a successful YouTube Channel and his own production company.

The Early Years

Jack Black was born on August 28, 1969 and his full name is Thomas Jacob Black.

Jack was raised in a Jewish family in Santa Monica, California and both his mother and father were satellite engineers.

His mother has various published works in scientific journals and also worked on the Hubble telescope.

His parents divorced when he was ten. At this time Jack went to live with his father in Culver City.

Jack struggled at high school and at the age of 14 he was using cocaine and associating with the wrong crowd.

He has later said that he wanted to leave high school as he had death threats from certain people.

Later he attended Poseiden School which was an institution for children who were not performing well in the traditional school system.

After Poseiden, Jack attended Crossroads school where he studied drama. Jack graduated from high school and attended UCLA for a short period of time before going on to pursue his acting career.


Jack’s first proper acting role came when he was 13 when starring in a commercial for the video game Pitfall.

After this, he joined a theatre troupe called the Actors Gang who were mostly made up of UCLA students.

His first adult career roles were in various TV series such as Life Goes On, Mr. Show, and The X-Files.

Jack starred in a mockumentary-style film called Bob Roberts in 1992. On the back of this, he had lots of offers for work in supporting roles in 90s films.

Some include Airborne, Waterworld, The Cable Guy, The Jackal and Enemy of the State.

Jack’s breakthrough role came in 2000 when he had a prominent role in High Fidelity. He played John Cusack’s friend and the role helped to show off Jack’s comedic skills.

The success of High Fidelity led to Jack starring in his first leading roles. 2001 saw him star in Shalow Hal which grossed over $140M worldwide.

He won a lot of praise for his leading role in School of Rock, culminating in a Golden Globe nomination. Jack showed his range of acting talent in the 2005 film King Kong which was different from his normal comedic roles.

In 2006 Jack starred in and produced Nacho Libre. In 2011 he appeared in two notable films, The Big Year and Bernie.

He won significant praise for his performance in Bernie and it is widely considered one of his best performances.

One of Jack’s highest-grossing franchises is the Kung Fu Panda series. Black played the voice of the lead character in all three of the films in the series.

The original Kung Fu Panda grossed $20M on it’s opening day and over $630M in total worldwide.

The two other films in the franchise also performed well, culminating in collective earnings of over $1.7B for the whole series.

Jack is also a successful musician and is one of the founding members of the band Tenacious D.

He is the lead singer and guitarist and the group has so far released four albums. The first released in 2001 and their latest in 2018.

Tenacious D’s style of music is classed as ‘mock rock’ and they have toured with bands such as the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam.

Real Estate

Over the years Jack has bought and sold a number of LA homes. From his tax records, his current residence is in LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood which he paid $6M for.

He currently still owns a property in Beverly Hills which he paid $3M for in 2005.

Top 5 Jack Black Quotes

“I recommend that everyone in their youth be as out of shape as possible so that when you turn 40, people can go, Wow, you look much better now.” – Jack Black

jack black quotes

“My children are magical creatures and I love them to death.” – Jack Black

jack black quotes

“You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore” – Jack Black

jack black quotes

“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” – Jack Black

jack black quotes

“Push-ups, sit-ups, and a strict diet of raisins. That’s my plan.” – Jack Black

jack black quotes


Jack Black is an internationally renowned actor, comedian and musician and his net worth stands at $50M.

He has starred in multiple Hollywood classics such as Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock and King Kong.

He currently runs his own YouTube channel and production company.

In 2018 he was given his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

As of 2021, Jack Black’s net worth is $50M.

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