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How To Create The Perfect Evening Routine To Hit All Of Your Goals Tomorrow

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How you end your day has a profound effect on how you start the next one. You need to create the perfect evening routine today.

If you stay up late watching the latest Netflix series until 3am how will that affect tomorrow morning?

Equally, if you go to bed at 10am having planned your next day out how do you think that will affect tomorrow morning?

Hopefully the answer is pretty obvious. The actions you take in the evening will have a direct impact on how you perform in any area of your life the next day.

Having the perfect evening routine will not only help to relax you, but it will recharge your batteries so tomorrow you will show up in your best physical, emotional and mental state.

This post will outline 5 evening habits you can do everyday to set yourself up to have the perfect morning routine to be at your very best the next day.

Do some exercise.

Exercise has so many well documented benefits. However, after a hard long day at work, fitting in some time for a quick workout helps to free up your mind, relieve stress and opens up your mind for new creative thinking and positive thoughts.

It doesn’t have to be a gruelling 1 hour long workout, it could be a quick 10 minute HIT session, Yoga or Pilates. Any type of physical exercise will help to release positive endorphins.

A quick bit of exercise will also help you to get to sleep quicker too which helps if you want to feel fresh for the following morning.

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Identify the 3 key things you want to achieve tomorrow.

This is a key part of creating the perfect evening routine. If you can identify the 3 things you want to achieve the night before it will allow you to head into the following day with clear purpose and clarity.

It also helps to clear your mind of any unnecessary thoughts before you go to bed.

To figure out what you need to achieve the next day, ask yourself a simple question, “what are the 3 most crucial tasks that will take me closer to my goals”?

Just asking yourself this simple question will create clarity in your thinking and remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve so you can disregard anything that is not going to take you closer to your goals.

This question is so important as it enables you to break down your overriding goals into daily tasks and habits which create a process for achieving your big goals.

Make time for your relationships.

In this day and age it is so easy to get completely tied up in your work and without realising it, start to neglect the people we are closest too. One of the most powerful ways to maintain your happiness is to dedicate time to focus on your relationships.

Our relationships are so important because it is the people we are closest too that will be there by our side during all the good times, but most importantly during all the bad times too.

Work it into your evening routine to specify a time where you will give those closest to you, your undivided attention.

It doesn’t necessarily matter what you are doing in that time, just make sure there are no distractions such as your phone or work.


The benefits of reading are profound and can help you to become the best version of yourself and help to form a mindset of continuous learning.

Reading not only increases your intelligence, it also gets the creative juices flowing and can provide great bursts of inspiration to help you continue to strive to reach your goals.

If you want to take reading to the next level. Here is a post on how to increase the amount of books you read each year.

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Reflection and Gratitude.

As we continue to pursue our goals at a frenetic pace we can sometimes lose sight of what we already have. Adding a gratitude habit into your perfect evening routine helps to keep you level headed and present in the moment.

Try ending your day by writing 3 positive things that happened to you that day.

Hopefully you now have some ideas to help you build the perfect evening routine and get ready to smash tomorrow.

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