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6 Tips On How To Read More Books This Year

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Most of us know how beneficial reading is to our overall well being and that we should probably figure out how to read more books.

Just 6 minutes of a good book a day can lower stress by up to 68%, it can help you be more empathetic, extend life expectancy, and improve your language and knowledge.

These are just a few benefits, however, a quick search on google will show up lots more studies and analysis on the effects of reading more.

With alerts popping up on your phone all day, various different forms of media such as YouTube, Podcasts, Netflix all vying for your attention it’s not surprising we are reading less.

Here are 6 tips to help you read more books this year.

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How To Read More Books

Add On Time To Your Current Reading Schedule

A simple way to read more books is to add on small chunks of reading time to your daily habits.

Habit stacking as James Clear calls it in his book Atomic Habits.

For example, if you make a cup of tea every morning, leave your favourite book next to the kettle, and while you are waiting for the kettle to boil, read 3 pages.

The key is to start small and build up.

Join Or Start a Book Club

By surrounding yourself with people who really enjoy reading it will naturally help you to form the habit of reading more.

It will enable you to share your thoughts and opinions on the book with like-minded people.

Read The Contents, Then Pick a Chapter That Interests You The Most

This helps you get the most important points from the books whilst not reading the full amount if you are struggling for time.

Another idea is to read the introduction, the first chapter, a middle chapter, and then the final chapter.

Build Reading Into Your Daily Routine

This could be first thing in the morning or before you go to bed.

If you make it a specific part of your routine, over time it will just become a natural habit and you will automatically pick up your book before bed.

Use a Habit Tracker

A really useful tool if you are looking to build any new habit is to track how often you do it.

Not only will this give you self accountability, but it will also force you to do it every day.

If you haven’t read yet on a given day you are more likely to pick up that book for 15 minutes so you can tick it off your habit tracker.


Lots of commute to work, go to the gym for an hour, cook dinner every day.

During these everyday tasks, you could plug in your headphones and listen to an audiobook.

If you do this consistently you will find yourself getting through lots of books in no time.

Hopefully the above goes someway to helping you solve the question of how to read more books. It has certainly helped me since I have made a conscious effort to read more.

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