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5 Super Effective Self Development Techniques To Help You Achieve More Every Day

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As I continue to delve deeper into self development and high performance I am starting to categorise self development techniques that can be implemented to fast track progress.

A continuous drive for self improvement can be the catalyst to major positive change, leading to better opportunities personally and in career growth.

Below I will highlight some really useful self development techniques you can implement right away for greater success.

1. Strive for 1% more each day.

The way to see progress in anything is to just start and take action. In order to see real progress there needs to be some level of consistency and a way to help you achieve consistency is through taking small steps every single day.

So aim to push yourself to make 1% improvements to your goal every day. An example of this is exercise. If your goal is to do 50 situps in a day, start with 5 and add 1 more every following day.

The 1% rule works because it is such a small amount of additional effort that you hardly notice it, but over time the results will really stack up.

2. Write things down.

Writing things down helps to drill your goals into your head and keep them front of mind all the time and makes you much more likely to achieve them.

Writing things down could also mean keeping a journey of each of the things you achieved and some areas where you could improve.

It is also important to take the time to reflect and look over what you have written down from time to time. You will often find some hidden gems of information stashed away in one of your journals.

3. Ask yourself a couple of questions.

A great self development technique is to practice self accountability and to make the time to ask yourself a couple of questions to keep you on the right track.

An example can be: what is the most important thing I can be doing to take me closer to my goal? Or what am I finding challenging at the moment and what can I do to help me with this?

Asking these simple questions focuses the mind and gets you back on track if you feel like you may be moving off course a bit.

4. Put on an audiobook or podcast.

A great way to maximise your time and stack some habits is to listen to an audiobook or podcast whilst doing something else.

For example, this could be putting on your favourite audiobook whilst you are going for a run or putting on a podcast as you cook a healthy dinner.

This self development technique allows you to double up and supercharge what you are able to get done whilst doing other tasks. Who said multitasking was hard.

5. Commit to reading for 20 mins a day.

People often say they have no time to commit to reading a book for 20 mins a day because they are ‘too busy’. However, it is almost certain that they scroll through Facebook or Instagram for at least 20 mins a day.

Reading for a relatively small period of time every day has so many benefits and is a really easy self development technique to implement. Here is a useful article if you want some tips on how to read more.

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