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329 Great Ideas Of Things To Do When You’re Bored

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In this post, you will find an enormous list of things to do when you’re bored.

The list will be broken down into different sections. They will be:

  • Relaxing things to do
  • Productive things to do
  • Adventurous things to do
  • Entertaining things to do
  • Creative things to do
  • Fun things to do
  • When you’re bored at work
  • Delicious things to do
  • Things to do online
  • Things to do outside

Firstly, we’ll take a quick look at the science behind being bored.

Let’s jump in.

The Science Of Boredom

A survey of 2000 people America found that the average adult spends a third of their time a year bored.

That is an incredible amount of time.

Interestingly the word boredom didn’t have a place in the English language until after 1766.

After this point, it’s use exploded.

Boredom actually stems from a lack of dopamine, sometimes referred to as the ‘reward molecule’ in our brains.

Dopamine Molecule
Dopamine Molecule

When our brains transmit too little dopamine, we start to feel less happy or bored.

Being bored is completely normal, it’s biological.

The problem is we normally treat being bored as bad.

When in reality, we should use it as an opportunity.

Some interesting work from psychologist Sandi Mann showed that by being extremely bored, it forces us to become super creative.

Being bored is where the magic starts to happen.

Instead of just wasting the time when you are bored.

Lets take a look at 329 different ideas of what to do when you’re bored.

Relaxing Things To Do When You’re Bored

  • Have a manicure or pedicure 
  • Try out a new hairstyle
  • Take a hot bubble bath
  • Color, or draw on some paper
  • Do yoga
  • Write a poem
  • Do some journaling
  • Meditation
Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash
  • Write a poem
  • Eat snacks & watch your favourite film in bed
  • Enjoy the sun at your local park or beach
  • Read some quotes
  • Write a letter to your future self
  • Take a hot shower
  • Drink tea
  • Cuddle with your pet
  • Cuddle with your partner
  • Create a self-love list
  • Try out a new facemask
  • Have a siesta
  • Read your new book
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Do some stretching
Photo by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash
  • Watch some Netflix
  • Scroll through old photos and videos
  • Bake your favourite dessert
  • Watch a sunset or sunrise
  • Practice deep breathing

Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

  • Go to the gym.
  • Go for a walk or run.
  • Do some form of exercise.
  • Plan your finances
  • Sign up for an online course 
  • Clear up your personal inbox
  • Make a list of personal goals
  • Clean something you haven’t in a while (e.g. oven)
  • Clean out your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, messages.
  • Clean your makeup brushes.
  • Research dream jobs.
  • Donate old clothes to your local charity.
  • Get ahead on schoolwork or future projects
  • Meal prep for a week
Photo by S’well on Unsplash
  • Clean your phone.
  • Watch a how-to YouTube video on something you want to learn
  • Improve your LinkedIn profile.
  • Get up to date on laundry/washing
  • Make to-do lists.
  • Make a list of professional goals 
  • Start a new DIY project at home.
  • Go food shopping.
  • Organize your clothes
  • Update your resume\CV.
  • Find an online job.
  • Explore where you can do some volunteering.
  • Read up on current affairs.
  • Start growing some plants
Photo by Utsman Media on Unsplash
  • Make a new song playlist
  • Do some quick tasks
  • Make a wishlist of things you want
  • Do some self-improvement worksheets
  • Plant an indoor herb garden
  • Find a new wallpaper for your phone
  • Look at Pinterest for inspiring ideas
  • Visit a family member
  • Apply Feng Shui principles around your home
  • Shop for useful things online
  • Look for an online club to join
  • Fix something at home
  • Make your lunch for tomorrow
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash
  • Create a family photo album
  • Go to a farmers market
  • Plan your dream holiday
  • Plan a get together with your friends
  • Facetime friends or family
  • Do something nice for someone
  • Start an Instagram profile for your pet
  • Write someone a handwritten letter
  • Buy a motivating book
  • Study something that interests you
  • Watch a TED talk
  • Clean your home
  • Organise the apps on your phone
  • Tidy your desk
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash
  • Clean out your junk drawer
  • Organise your self-care products
  • Wash all textiles at home
  • Make a list of the tasks you have been putting off
  • Go deep on Quora and Reddit
  • Create a debt repayment plan
  • Install a password encryption tool on your computer
  • Read up on productivity
  • Write a letter to your future self
  • If your religious, read your holy book
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
  • Organise the files on your computer
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Organise your bills
  • Delete old contacts from your phone
  • Arrange some photos to be printed
  • Clean your windows
  • Clean out your fridge
  • Get rid of junk in your basement
  • Sell stuff you don’t need on eBay
  • Do a maintenance tour at home
  • Find some great coupon deals
  • Review your calendar
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash
  • Plan your day out for tomorrow
  • Create a plan for your biggest goals
  • Learn some new words
  • Start learning to code
  • Read the news
  • Update your social media profiles
  • Write down some affirmations
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Create a vision board
  • Create an evening routine
Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash
  • Make a ‘need to stop doing this’ list
  • Look at ways to minimize your commute time
  • Figure out how to make the most use of your commute time
  • Create a self-care routine
  • Plan a morning routine
  • Practice speaking in front of the mirror
  • Plan an emergency bag
  • Start a side hustle
  • Google ways to make extra money
  • Donate blood

Adventurous Things To Do When You’re Bored

  • Start a new blog.
  • Go for a hike somewhere new
  • Go to a new restaurant
  • Drive somewhere completely new
  • Say hello to a stranger
  • Try out some new recipes
  • Find a new podcast to listen to (on a new topic)
  • Make a cocktail.
Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash
  • Join a new sports team
  • Get a new pet
  • Stage a family photoshoot.
  • Look for a new tattoo idea
  • Make a commitment to learning something new
  • Try out the new coffee shop
  • Visit your favourite museum.
  • Plan an exciting future trip.
  • Start to learn a new language
  • Write a book on your life
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash
  • Make a movie.
  • Go on a last-minute road trip
  • Plan a party at your house
  • Go to a cocktail making class
  • Reach out to a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Create your own website.

Entertaining Things To Do When You’re Bored

  • Watch your favourite Netflix series
  • Scroll through Pinterest.
  • Do some online shopping
  • Watch your favourite film
  • Play an online game
  • Watch a documentary.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs from school
  • Go to the cinema
Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash
  • Write a love letter to your partner
  • Get lost on youtube
  • Facetime your friends and family.
  • Search through Tumblr.
  • Search “happy birthday + [your name]” on YouTube.
  • Go play some mini-golf
  • Make a collage.
  • Make a bucket list (link).
  • Take some new selfies.
  • Watch a new reality series
  • Go bowling with your friends
Photo by Michelle McEwen on Unsplash
  • Plan your dream wedding.
  • Plan the trip of a lifetime
  • Read some humor writing.
  • Read your favourite magazine.
  • Catch up on celebrity gossip.
  • Book to go to a musical
  • Dance crazily to your favorite songs.
  • Go to watch your favourite sports team
Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash
  • Read a great essay.
  • Watch as many episodes as you want of your favorite show
  • Put together a puzzle

Creative Things To Do When You’re Bored

  • Paint a portrait of your pet
  • Paint a portrait of your partner
  • Write a song. 
  • Teach your dog a new trick. 
  • Learn a dance.
Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash
  • Write a poem
  • Learn how to juggle. 
  • Write letters. 
  • Start a memories album. 
  • Turn a T-shirt into a sleeveless shirt. 
  • Read a play, or write one
  • Sew a mask for a friend. 
  • Learn how to read tarot cards.
  • Learn about bog bodies.
  • Learn Origami
Photo by Carolina Garcia Tavizon on Unsplash
  • Upcycle something like an old chair
  • Make some jewelry 
  • Draw something 
  • Learn how to Knit 
  • Start learning how to Sew
  • Decorate a room you have been putting off
  • Build some lego
  • Brew your own beer 
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash
  • Make some greeting cards
  • Learn calligraphy
  • Make your own music
  • Make some scented candles
  • Make a patchwork quilt
  • Create a new scrapbook
  • Start a woodwork project

Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored

  • Play a board game
  • Play a computer game
  • Play a sport 
  • Play a card game with your family
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash
  • Sing along to your favourite songs
  • Hunt some ghosts 
  • Have a water fight 
  • Make a slip ‘n slide in your garden
  • Make a gift list for your partner
  • Learn some magic tricks
  • Go roller skating
  • Try out some new hairstyles 
  • Watch some hilarious YouTube videos 
  • Go on a random road trip 
Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash
  • Go to the park for a picnic
  • Play with your pet 
  • Fly a kite
  • Visit an arcade 
  • Play Twister 
  • Daydream about anything you want

Things To Do When You’re Bored At Work

  • Clean your desk
  • Organize your desk
  • Commit to keeping everything clean and organized
  • Clean out your computer of old files
  • Offer to help some of your colleagues
  • Clear your internet browsing data
  • Organise your newsletter subscriptions
  • Update all your passwords
  • Ask your manager how you can help
  • Show initiative and do something without being asked
  • Study management
  • Make sure you’re up-to-date with everything
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash
  • Make a list of things you need
  • Get rid of anything you don’t need
  • Clean your computer
  • Organize your paper files
  • Read articles/books on leadership
  • Create a list of possible mentors
  • Do a SWOT matrix
  • Research conferences and professional development opportunities for your industry
  • Read news about your industry
  • Store your business cards online
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
  • Learn how to type faster
  • Make or buy coffee for the team
  • Write thank you cards for business contacts

Delicious Things To Do When You’re Bored

  • Make a fancy cocktail
  • Non-drinker? – make a mocktail
  • Soak some dry beans.
  • Make a homemade jam
  • Meal prep for the whole week. 
  • Bake some cookies.
Photo by Bonnyfasius Tan on Unsplash
  • Make a dip. 
  • Plan your breakfast for tomorrow
  • Make a smoothie
  • Find your ingredients and Google them. 
  • Bake some bread. 
  • Re-create your favorite restaurant meal. 
  • Soak some dry beans.
  • Make a homemade jam

Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

  • Read free online ebooks
  • Take some free online quizzes
  • Trace your ancestry
  • Become a vlogger
  • Reconnect with an old contact
  • Look at historical a map of your neighborhood
  • Become a member of a virtual choir
  • Look at online versions of your favorite magazines
  • Google yourself
  • Research new ways to save money
  • Chill with ASMR videos on YouTube
  • Start on your Christmas gift list
  • Listen to a podcast
Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash
  • Start an online course
  • Declutter your social media
  • Find some new music
  • Email someone who inspires you
  • Create a personal/lifestyle blog
  • Start a youtube account
  • Host a games night
  • Research a bucket list of places you want to go
  • Open Google Earth and explore the world
  • Research some capital cities

Things To Do Outside When You’re Bored

Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash
  • Take some skydiving lessons
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Volunteer at a children’s library
  • Install some bird feeders
  • Go for a run
  • Go kite surfing
  • Plant some trees in your garden
  • Find a nice scenic route to drive
  • Volunteer your time for anything
  • Climb a tree that used to climb when you were a kid
  • Do some meditation 
  • Go on a picnic with your family
  • Enjoy the sunset
Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash
  • Visit and help an elderly family member
  • Fly a kite
  • Go for a walk
  • Go fishing
  • Take your bike on a new route
  • Go on a walking tour of your own city or town
  • Go night gazing 
  • Go to a free concert
  • Explore somewhere you have never been
  • Go to see the circus
  • Make your garden pretty
  • Go on a hike.
  • Take up photography
  • Go for a sea swim
Photo by Hamza Shaikh on Unsplash
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Watch animals and wildlife
  • Go to the library
  • Go to a school reunion
  • Go foraging
  • Do some litter picking

To Sum Up

Hopefully you should never be bored again.

This list of things to do when you’re bored should keep you busy for a while.

Every time you are bored, make sure you refer back to it.

I would love to know if there is anything specific you do when you’re bored.

Drop them in the comments below.

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