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5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Earlier Every Day

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Waking up early is not easy until it becomes a habit, especially if you’re not a ‘morning person’.

To begin with, it will require a lot of motivation, grit, and discipline to haul yourself out of bed earlier than you normally would. 

However, with the right steps it is totally doable and over time will become a habit and get easier.

Getting up early can bring many positive changes in your life. 

It enables you to get more things done each day.

Often this is the stuff that’s actually really important such as working on your own self-development, working on a side job, or exercise.

So hopefully after reading this post it will give you the help you need to spring out of bed early tomorrow morning.

Let’s take a look at the 5 tips.

1. What Is Your Motivation

As with anything new that you want to do, it’s really important to have a strong “why”. 

Otherwise, with all the willpower in the world it will still be hard to get yourself out of bed early every day if it’s for no apparent reason.

Why are you doing this? Do you want to work on your self-development?

Or do you want to start running every morning before work before life gets in the way?

Once you have a strong reason why your body will be able to start committing physically to getting out of bed early every morning.

A super hack once you have got your reason why is to remind yourself of this every night before you go to bed. 

2. Change Your Alarm Clock

If the first thing you hear when you wake up is an aggressive loud alarm you have got on your phone it’s no wonder you don’t wake up earlier.

Mix it up and try something different. 

For example you could use the Mathe Alarm

This is an app that makes you complete a number of maths questions before you can stop the alarm. 

A good way to get the brain engaged first thing in the morning.

This will then make it harder to fall back to sleep once you have finished the maths puzzles.

Another way to help is to place your alarm out of arm’s reach. 

Having to actually get yourself out of bed is one of the hardest parts of waking up early – so make this easier by putting your alarm somewhere else in your room.

If you set yourself up in the right way the night before it will make waking up so much easier.

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

3. Create a Routine

There are lots of different articles about what is the best morning routine.

However, what’s right for someone else may not be right for you. 

You will need to adapt and build a routine that suits you.

Check out our post 129 Amazing Morning Rituals You Can Start Right Now for some ideas.

4. Look At Something That Inspires You

To make it easier to get out of bed in the morning, have something that inspires you sat on your bedside table. 

This will help give you that added boost of energy as soon as you open your eyes.

It could be a picture of your dream car, an inspirational quote, or a personal goal you have set yourself. 

The key point here is not to look at something that will have the opposite effect on you.

Try to stay away from the news or social media. 

Give yourself some time in the morning before you dive straight into the mad and frenetic social media world.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

5. Make Everything Easy

Think about some of the things that really put you off getting up early in the morning. 

Then think about what you could do to make this seem less bad.

For example, do you wake up cold and just want to stay wrapped up under your duvet? 

If you do, why don’t you set a timer on your heating so that it comes on 45 mins before your alarm goes off.

Or why don’t you put a pair of joggers or a jumper next to your bed so you can quickly put them on as soon as you get out of bed.

The trick is to remove any thoughts from your mind that will make you think it’s easier to just stay in bed.

It’s a way of tricking yourself into jumping out of bed earlier.

To Round Up

There we go, hopefully, some of these tips will help you wake up earlier.

There is no doubt that once you have mastered waking up early your productivity will rise significantly. 

Not just in the hour or so that you are waking up earlier, but throughout the rest of the day too.

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